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Have you heard about our Briteparts Program?
Corporate Jet Support offers the Briteparts Program to help fix the cost of supporting the Gulfstream AC power system for a small buy in fee and fixed monthly payments based on flight hours.  This program covers your aircraft's AC electrical system components on all AC powered GIII, GIV, and GIVSPs. Briteparts is backed by Honeywell and other Gulfstream approved vendors with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Join customers like Ameriprise, Calvin Klein, Campbell's Soup,  Holly Frontier Oil, Paramount,  PepsiCo, and Thomas H. Lee Partners by becoming a Briteparts member today!

Brightparts Brochure (Download PDF)


There are no jump starts at 25,000 feet.
In 2000, we began selling Securaplane emergency batteries. We found our customers saw an immediate benefit over the Amps 2000 battery. When we were approached by Securaplane in 2005 to become their distributor of Gulfstream Main Ship Batteries we couldn't refuse. Securaplane has a proven track record in providing the most reliable batteries to support your aircraft, making it a highly valued priority to our customers.

Give your bottom line a boost!
Securaplane Emergency battery systems use Hawker Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries of Ni-Cads. While Ni-Cads excel in low voltage, full discharge, high cycle applications, they do not perform nearly as well in extended standby applications, such as emergency battery packs. Hawker sealed lead acid batteries have proven to be highly reliable in over 15 years of aircraft emergency battery applications. Our customers have met this product with huge support and praise. Call us today and let us show you how the low cost of ownership for this essential component can dramtically effect your bottomline.

Securaplane makes Better Superior Main Ship Batteries

  • SLA delivers hot and cold temp performance over NiCad batteries
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No capacity check for first 18 months
  • 30 month warranty
  • No maintenance required
  • Reblocking saves money
  • DOT non hazardous
  • Batteries are shipped
  • Fully charged and ready to install
  • Cranking unsurpassed power

Securaplane Brochure (Download PDF) (Learn More)

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